iSoftwerks - code snippets and other curiosities

I am retired now. But I used to earn a living programming. Application development on IBM midrange platforms from the days of the S/3 through the AS/400 and beyond. I used to contract through my company, iSoftwerks, Inc. I created a paper outlining iSoftwerks application development strategy. Should you chose to read it, you may find it of interest.

An interactive RPG program, SC0320RP, with externalized functions, options, and help support built on the iSoftwerks design is provided here in PDF form.

About this Page

The site once functioned as my traveling toolbox and quick reference for programming tips and techniques. It includes various RPG snippets, SQL examples and comments on coding techniques. There is also a section of CL samples and information. The Odds and Ends section includes some examples of UIM tag language and a few simple examples of creating Mod 10 check digits and check digits for UPC item numbers. Links are located on the left side of the page, in the column beside the main text. Feel free to learn a little more about me on the About (bio) page. Thanks for stopping by!