Design Is Important

Application development shouldn't be by chance. Solid design, up front, will make development faster.

Coding is Critical

Regardless of the languague, code should read easily. Clear, consice code is a must for a successful application.

Maintenace is Inevitable

Over the lifecycle of an application, maintenance is critical. Applications need to be easy to maintain in order to meet changing requirements.

Application Development Tips for the IBM Power i © Platform

Including a practical design approach to modular development.

Business HLL

Coding in RPG (Report Program Generator) has been taking place since 1959. Of course, the language has changed dramatcially over the last half century.From IBM S/3, to S/34, through the S/38 and S/36 years, and through the AS/400, iSeries machines, and now the Power i products, RPG has been the overwhelming language of choice for application development on the IBM midrange platform.

System Interface

Control Lanuage programs have been the operational interface between the operating system and application programs from the IBM System/38 to the AS/400, to the iSeries, and the current power systems architecture.


DDS is the language used to define data objects to the IBM Power i operating system. Compiling DDS generates an object definition template that consists of a generic object header, object specfic header and data object.

Embedded SQL

SQL is a language that may be found on many different platforms. It has become popular on IBM Power plafforms due to two factors; SQL's flexibility, and the RPG's ability to embed SQL within the HLL.

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