Bones of the Earth.

Bones of a large prehistoric beast were uncovered at Como Bluff, Wyoming, in 1877. Othniel Charles Marsh, a noted professor of paleontology at Yale University, organizes an expedition to recover the artifacts, which prove to be the remains of Apatosaurus, the first giant sauropod unearthed. Sergeant Dalton Rawlings, U.S. Cavalry, is the leader of a detachment assigned to babysit the Easterners’ band of tenderfoot novices.

The Indian Wars

Crazy Horse is still on the warpath. Sitting Bull has led his people north to Canada but may return at any time. The country is still in an uproar over the death of Colonel George Custer at Little Bighorn. Dull Knife of the Northern Cheyenne still resists being confined to a reservation.

The Bone War

Edward Drinker Cope, O. C. Marsh’s chief competitor, has hired crews to excavate fossils and will use any trick, including hiring spies to mislead Marsh’s expedition. Unscrupulous fossil hunters, paid saboteurs, and Indian Wars—Dalton Rawlings has his hands full trying to prevent all sides from starting another war, a Bone War on the frontier. And since Congress failed to pass a bill for military appropriations before adjourning, he has to manage the task without being paid!



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Way of the Snake

The Way of the Snake: During the 1850s, immigrants from as far away as Australia flocked to California. San Francisco became home to a vast number of those immigrants. 1852 alone saw over twenty thousand Chinese file through customs. They worked in the mines and fields and helped build the First Transcontinental Railroad.