Way of the Snake.

During the 1850s, immigrants from as far away as Australia flocked to California. San Francisco became home to a vast number of those immigrants. 1852 alone saw over twenty thousand Chinese file through customs. They worked in the mines and fields and helped build the First Transcontinental Railroad.

Chuan Zhang

Employed by gunsmith Ezra Miller, Chuán Zhāng discovers a certain prowess with pistols. Shooting exhibitions at the gunsmith’s become popular with customers. Ultimately, his expertise leads to a tragic death; he kills a man in self-defense. Forced to flee San Francisco, he discovers life on the wild frontier favors a man fast with a gun.

The Transcontinental Railroad

The Transcontinental Railroad slowly crawled across a landscape highlighted by the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains while the Civil War still raged. Chuán’s brothers, Qiáng, Xùn, and Yīng, are hired by the Central Pacific Railroad Company. Anxious for work, little do they realize the hazards they face in the mountains.

Like twin steel serpents, the rails crawled across the American landscape at a time in history when war tore the country’s fabric apart. Thousands of immigrants labored to stitch the country together with those tracks. Follow the tale of four brothers as they face the challenge of forging lives in their new land. Follow the Way of the Snake!

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Way of the Snake

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