Outlaw Brand.

Brandon Keene could barely read. He could write some, enough to spell his name. He had some cash, a pistol with five bullets, and a good horse. Worn-out trousers, cracked shoes, and a shirt two sizes too big rounded out the sum of his possessions. Wryly, he acknowledged it was more than he owned last week. Sighing into the night, he whispered, “Outlaw.” Shaking his head, he murmured, “At least it’s a paying job.”

Animas Forks

Deputy Sheriff of San Juan County, Brandon Keene, had a murder to solve. Someone killed a claim jumper named Vincent Hardy. The victim’s partner, Earl Crenshaw, was missing. Death wasn’t usually a mystery in Animas Forks, Colorado. Miners died from cave-ins. During winter, the town could be buried under twenty feet of snow, and people died from hypothermia. However, the murder was a mystery.

Deputy Sheriff

Deputy Keene had very little experience as a lawman investigating crimes. He had more experience robbing banks. One robbery gone bad was why he hadn’t stayed in Arizona Territory. However, having pinned on a star, Brand figured he ought to do the job he was paid for. His mentor, a paid assassin named Maximilian von Rheinhardt, taught him once you accept a job, you have an obligation as a professional to fulfill the contract. Brandon Keene had left his outlaw past behind.

However, as events unfold in Animas Forks, Brand learns the past has a way of resurfacing. Upholding the law in San Juan County and bringing the perpetrators to justice could mean going to prison. Life is full of tough choices--especially for an ex-outlaw turned lawman!



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