iSoftwerks, Inc.

iSoftwerks, is a company created to offer software development to IBM platforms from S/36, through Power i OS platforms. This site functions as a traveling toolbox and quick reference for programming tips and techniques. It includes various RPG snippets, SQL examples and comments on coding techniques. There is also a section of CL samples and information. The Odds and Ends section includes some examples of UIM tag language and a few simple examples of creating Mod 10 check digits and check digits for UPC item numbers. Tips are all from various areas of application development in a variety of environments.

iSofwerks has created applications for various platforms in a variety of different environemnts, both in terms of machine resources and in application areas.

 EDI- iSoftwerks has been involved in migrating to Inovis TrustedLink on IBM plaforms using FIDX schemas.

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 Finance - iSoftwerks was involved, through (TEKsystems) in creating a new customer statement system.

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 Manufacturing - iSoftwerks has been involved in designing applications that feed conventional MRP-style processes, as well as more dynamic JIT applications that interfaced with fixed and hand-held scanner systems. Also, Steve has been involved in integrating UPS Worldship services into IBM Power systems through ODBC connectivity.

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 Direct Marketing - mailing lists, dup-elimination, merge-purge processing and list segmentation are not foreign to iSoftwerks. Steve has had experience creating B2B systems using CGI, and was instrumental in creating a CGI-BIN driven supply chain management process supporting 300 independent vendors.

In addition to writing software, iSoftwerks also publishes novels. Over the last four years, Author Steve Croy has published five novels in eBook format. The author was (still is) a fan of Louis L'Amour, the famous novelist who wrote fascinating tales of the American frontier. You can find a short biography of the author on Kindle's Author Central or, review any of the published eBooks on the Kindle Bookshelf.