Anasazi Trail

Buy nowJackson Deveraux, would not normally consider robbing a stagecoach. However, since he was forced to leave town in a hurry he was in need of ready cash. Belle Townsend wouldn't have thought to rob a stage, except her gambling beau, Curtis McAllister, said he had a foolproof to plan that was sure to pay off in gold and silver coins. Of course, Curtis had no way of divining Jackson's plans to rob the same stage.

Stopping the stage proved to be rather simple, which pleased Jackson. The driver and the shotgun guard appeared to be reasonable men. Their grumbling response while their stage was robbed at gunpoint did not involve an exchange of gun shots. Therefore, it came as something of a surprise to Jackson when the lone passenger, Belle, robbed him at gunpoint. Being robbed by a woman, while he was attempting to rob the stage was a painful bruise to his ego. However, it wasn't nearly as painful as meeting Belle's double-crossing partner. Curtis McAllister shot both of them! Then he took the money and the riding horses, leaving the two of them to to die.

Anasazi Trail is a fast moving novel of greed, treachery, and hard-time, set against a backdrop of the myths and legends of the Navajo people. Aided by a Navajo warrior, two graduates of Yuma Territorial prison, Belle Townsend and Jackson Deveraux, search for a stolen treasure guarded by a skin-walker in a city abandoned hundreds of years before the coming of the conquistadors.


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